Tuesday, May 17, 2011

1 hour of sleep in the last 36 hours...

Makes you think.
Makes you need to feel alive.
Makes you think about thinking about feeling alive while thinking about sleeping. 
Makes you wish you hadn't procrastinated for the last month.
Makes you wonder why you're writing this and not sleeping, or at least dozing, even. 
Makes you wonder if grades are really worth the effort.
Makes you wonder why you don't need to avoid trying not to love sleep.
Makes you wonder why your body wants to shut down.
Makes you wonder why the body needs sleep.
Makes you wonder why the body needs a coma-like sleep for a third of it's living life on this earth.
Makes you think sleep is a waste of time, yet so necessary, for some reason. 
Makes you write on this blog while procrastinating even more
Makes you wonder why you're writing about procrastinating while procrastinating.
Makes life plain weird.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Just believe

Change is good and bad. Good change is good.
Acceptance is what everyone wants, but compromise of principles must not happen.
Faith, hope, and love are all a part of your life, as understanding of others is as well.
I'm as real as they come, or so I've thought.

It's come back to salvation. It's come back to compatibility.
It's come back to light and darkness. It's come back to us.

Friday, May 6, 2011

I want to...

Be free.
Play music in front of crowds.
Impact lives in the positive way.
Travel to lands I've only seen in photographs, to lands of nevers and forevers.
Be honest, vulnerable, and inspiring.
Live life in the driver's seat, not passively in the back.
Be so much.
See my friends and relatives saved.
Be with you.


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