Monday, October 29, 2012

Birthday, SF GIANTS, and NINERS

Had a grand 'ol time on my birthday, going back to LPD with the bro, Jer, and Sheldon. I caught 4 (really silvery) 'bows: 2 7"ers, one 6.5" and one 7 1/2 "er. The first three were caught in "the woods" and the last was caught trolling on the way to the front end.

Jr. missed a lunker when the fish broke off his black and yellow P. Martin. This was at the middle 3rd, and there was really no back 3rd because the reservoir was super low.

The Giants won the World Series on Sunday night around 9:30 p.m., and I got to watch Romo strike out the side in the bottom of the 9th to seal the deal. He'd shown Miguel Cabrera the slider 2-3 times before he threw a nasty 2-seamer that started outside and came across the plate. Miggy read it as a slider that would go way outside, and was frozen when it broke back...GO GIANTS!!!

Tonight the 49ers beat up AZ 24-3. It's a great time to be a SF fan!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tips from Mr. George Malloway of CCFF


Use sinking lines. The big fish (browns) lie on the bottom and eat up the crayfish/crawdads.

Use a woolly bugger. Brown colors work because of the crayfish/crawdads.

You can use a floating line with a long leader, but it'll only sink ~3 feet. This will work if you're working the shallows in the back third where it gets quite murky.


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