Thursday, September 15, 2011

For posterity...

Italy: 2008
Fishing: 2009
Volleyball: Fall 2010

Knee Pads = More confidence?

So I'm on my school's Intramural volleyball team, and the way the team's set up will have me playing the position of libero. I had no idea what the libero did, but after some research (googling and such), I've got some good info.
The libero gets most of the free balls, serve receives, and basically all the balls he/she can get to. You've gotta be a stellar passer and oftentimes have to set if the setter gets first ball. You also have to be a good digger and cover for the swingers, so this job includes getting horizontal for many points.
Reading this, I bought some Asics Rally knee pads at Big5 for $17 and change. Wore them on the court tonight and loved them! They're really comfortable, and didn't really slide down my legs at all (it was minimal movement if that), and in addition, we stayed on the court for the first 2 hours! It was pretty SICKKKKKKK.
I found that I'm more comfortable and confident anticipating and diving for more balls because I know I've got knee protection. Before, I used to give maybe 85 or 90% off of free balls, but now I'm going for every ball I can get to, which is what the libero is supposed to do.
Next up is dedicated volleyball shoes, which run anywhere from about $80 and up. It's an investment for sure, as I'd only be wearing them for volleyball and specifically in gyms.

Anyways, I got some good swings in tonight, and a sweet kill (tip) on left front over 2 blockers.
'Twas an eventful night!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Manning...UP: the 3rd brother?

Man up.
"Just between you and me, I've got something to say.
I want to get it straight before the sun goes down."
If you're in the wrong, make it right.
God won't forgive you if you've got something between somebody and you know it's your fault.

Learn to say, "I'm sorry." Admit your mistake.
If marriage is in the future, you're going to have to do it more, so learn now.
The learning never ends.

Practice what you preach, and learn that it's not the weak but the strong who admit they're wrong.
That there is forgiveness and healing and restoration that come from Him Who knows you and everything about you.
Do it. Just do it. Learn to do it.
I'm in the wrong. I'm sorry. Let's move onward and upward.
"Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead." Philippians 3:13

Let's move on.
It's a new day.
His mercies are new every day, every morning, and how we need them each and every day!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Just as you are. Just as he is. Just as I am.

No longer as an interest.
No longer as the one.

I saw no alternative.
I'm sure you didn't want me.

Was it true then?
I'm guilty of the same things.
We're in the palm of a hand making a fist.

Maybe you were born for this time, this day.
Maybe your hands were made to bring healing.

Watching and waiting.
Will it happen? Will this happen?
Is it set in stone? Predestined to happen whether one likes it or not?

Learn to breathe. Learn to crawl.
Make it a habit.
Make it something you believe in, not something told or taught to you.
Make it yours. Own it. It's yours to take.

Faith without action is dead, as it's written.
Don't forget what you saw in the reflection, in the glimpses past.

The tongue is the rudder, and words the tool.
The Psalms to deal with God, the Proverbs to deal with men (B.G.).

Now that I have seen I'm responsible.
I will tell them.
Just sever all ties. It wasn't meant to be.
You've done all you can, now let it be.
Intercede. Ponder. Don't give yourself away.
Guard your heart. It's the only one you've got.
It's the only one you've got.


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