Thursday, September 15, 2011

Knee Pads = More confidence?

So I'm on my school's Intramural volleyball team, and the way the team's set up will have me playing the position of libero. I had no idea what the libero did, but after some research (googling and such), I've got some good info.
The libero gets most of the free balls, serve receives, and basically all the balls he/she can get to. You've gotta be a stellar passer and oftentimes have to set if the setter gets first ball. You also have to be a good digger and cover for the swingers, so this job includes getting horizontal for many points.
Reading this, I bought some Asics Rally knee pads at Big5 for $17 and change. Wore them on the court tonight and loved them! They're really comfortable, and didn't really slide down my legs at all (it was minimal movement if that), and in addition, we stayed on the court for the first 2 hours! It was pretty SICKKKKKKK.
I found that I'm more comfortable and confident anticipating and diving for more balls because I know I've got knee protection. Before, I used to give maybe 85 or 90% off of free balls, but now I'm going for every ball I can get to, which is what the libero is supposed to do.
Next up is dedicated volleyball shoes, which run anywhere from about $80 and up. It's an investment for sure, as I'd only be wearing them for volleyball and specifically in gyms.

Anyways, I got some good swings in tonight, and a sweet kill (tip) on left front over 2 blockers.
'Twas an eventful night!

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