Wednesday, November 14, 2012

LPD: End-of-Season Fishing Lessons & Notes

Use the Black/Yellow Dots PM for murky/stained water;
-> Better silhouettes

Use the Durango / 1500 reel when fishing in low conditions, especially with structure/brush present
-> there's too much opportunity for the fish to dive and wrap the line around the branches
-> the Ugly Stik doesn't have enough power to put pressure on the big boys

Use the extendable net, even if lures get caught
-> a landed fish and a snagged lure is better than a lost fish

-> too many fish lost with drags too tight
-> e.g. snapped lures, lost fish, broken line, play fish, etc.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Night Prior

The ticking clock (the silence)
An anxious heart
Where are you?
Are you ready?

He is ready
and I, writing
Writing to finish
Writing to be free

I have found a friend
Who's everything to me
Is often a lie
As the flesh can attest

Sometimes I simply want to create
To write sounds that will transform
That will cause a seed to break
Through the hardest of rock, or soil, of hardness

I am my worst enemy
The battle rages within
And often I tell the flesh


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