Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Bowling Balls (Part 2)

So after we went to all the trouble of finding a ball that fit us, the bro and I ordered one each. Then the guys says they discontinued that line of balls, so we go back and order another set. Today we went over and what did we find? He ordered another set of balls for us because those one that we'd ordered had also been discontinued! So I ended up w/ a Brunswick Slingshot (Silver/Black) for $120 and the bro got a Storm Hy-Road for $160.
He got his fitted and drilled first, and boy does that thing hook! I think the problem lay in the dryness of the lane, which thus resulted in much hookage-ness.
I got mine and had a grand 'ol time. It held and then hooked well into the pocket on the dry lane, but I'm really worried that when I get to my school's league nights with plenty of oil on the lane that my ball will just slide and slide, much as it did in this last Wednesday's session.

The Bro's Form (with the "Hy-Road" clearly visible):
 My form (with the "Slingshot" visible):

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