Thursday, July 12, 2012

Long Time No Post: 2012/Summer Update

So it's been interesting.
Taking summer school classes while my heart is outdoors...
January 1 and I'm ready for the world. And yet I'm not.

2012 has been wild. Filled with uncertainty, death and sadness, good times, somber times...

Currently I'm one day away from finishing up with summer school.
Next is the RICA test. Honestly, I'm a bit scared of the test. It seems like it'll be much harder than the CBEST and the CSET. Getting ~60% on the practice tests in Serna's class hasn't helped either... : /

And then there's G-MA.
She's been the topic of the past 2 months now. Is she coming? Is she going?
It's really sad to see someone you love hurting so much, yet there's nothing you can do to relieve the pain.
Sooner or later it'll happen. It's going to happen. To every single one of us.

Also, just bought my very first fly fishing reel, rod, and line.
Pastor's been quite helpful, letting me know what deals are out there, giving me tips and pointers, and even giving me (this Sunday, hopefully) several flies and a case for my rod!
I really cannot wait to practice my casting, and get out on the water!

We've been out to LPD-R about 4 times this year now, and every time I've come away with fish! (TYJ)
It really is satisfactory when you hold that fish in your hand and it swims away from your hand. So cool!
Here's fish #2 from our most recent trip (July 4th!) to the LPD-R:

Anyways, we just might be going out to see Steve. Poor guy. He's in pain. And there's nothing we can do but pray for him and tell him we're praying.

After that, I'll get some casting lessons from Pastor, and then we'll (hopefully) be heading out to Pastor's campgrounds, which interestingly enough is just southeast of Jer's reservoir!

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