Thursday, March 28, 2013

Waders, Wading Belt, Pant Guards

So I just completed my fly fishing attire with the Cabela's 3mm Neoprene Waders.
They came in today, and except for being a tad tight around the thighs, I'm quite satisfied!
(not my best pic, but who cares, right?!)
I got the boots last week (they're the same as Pastor's), and everything pretty much fit okay!

I really can't wait to get out there and use these things!

Anyway, had a good talk w/ Dad about life and figuring out what needs to be done in the house moving forward, so we'll see what happens!

Played some v-ball @ the Rec and had some pretty good swings in. Still need to get under the ball, but didn't hit it in the net when I was hitting a 4 and a 5 once, even on the men's net.

Feet hurt quite a bit after all the jumping and hard landing, so I may have to invest in some better insoles.

In addition, I've had some good correspondence with Mr. John Kim (, and he's been a great help with fishing the Merced River and getting a natural drift. 

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