Thursday, October 28, 2010

Switchfoot in Santa Cruz

So I just got back from one of my best birthday presents ever from my brother: a chance to see Switchfoot in Santa Cruz! And let me tell you. It was amazing. Awesome. Spectacular. Not only were they awesome as usual, but God led us to the back of the venue (the Catalyst) where we were able to shake hands, meet, and get pictures with all of the Switchfoot members!!!
   Yeah, we got to shake their hands, get some autographs, and talk to them. It was so legit. They're a bunch of down-to-earth guys who, in Tim's words "love to meet people," and that is how they greeted us after the show. It was amazing!

Just a side note: I'm as tall as Tim, a little shorter than Jon, shorter than Drew, about the same as Romey, and shorter than Chad.
   In addition, I met my first YouTube recognizer!!! I didn't get his name (so if you read this man, comment and I'll mention your name for sure!), but I did get a picture w/ him too! That's my first public recognition in real life - so cool! : ]
[After reading his comment, his name is Andrew. Thanks man!!! You helped make that night even more special!!!]
Anyways, here are the pictures that we got:


  1. hey that a nice pic lol that concert was i cant even put in to words how good it was ohh yea the name andrew it was good to met you man keep up the good work

  2. Hey man!!! Yeah, it was crazy! Thanks for commenting!!! So awesome!!!
    Thanks and God Bless you!
    : ]



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