Friday, November 5, 2010

1 year on YouTube!!!

   "Hey guys, it's Kenneth!"

   This is how I start out pretty much every single video that I make on YouTube, and today, November 5th, 2010, is a special day for me in regards to YouTube. Today is my 1-year-anniversary for the creation of my 1st YouTube account
   It has been an eventful year. Beginning back in 2009 feels like a long time ago...when I look back at those videos I can see how "bad" they were in terms of long introductions, asking [pleading, even, (in Snagglepuss's voice of course)] for 5 stars (that feels a long time ago as well...), ettica. I feel like I've improved in quality of presentation, I've transitioned to editing in Windows Movie Maker, which makes my covers so much better in terms of audio quality.
    All in all, it's been a fun year, and I hope to have many more years making videos, "meeting" new people, often from other countries, and helping others learn their favorite songs. Thanks for reading and watching!!!

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