Thursday, December 16, 2010

2010 Semester (FALL), Senioritis

It's been quite a ride. This semester's gone by pretty quickly [as again, my theory of the Fall seeming to go by faster is once again confirmed (in my personal experience at least)]. Nearing the end of the semester, I started to have feelings of recklessness and a sense of "passing," if you will. IOW, I began to care less and less about grades and was centered more on passing. In addition, I began to drive, how shall we say, a little more precariously than normally...

Some of my peers suggested an early case of senioritis, as I should be a senior this year but due to a switching of majors am still a junior (until Spring 2011). Whatever the case may be, I am back to normal, with some lingering symptoms. My personal physician has prescribed a dose of high frequency/amplitude rocking (with guitar in hand as well as headbanging), serene moments with line in the water, and general YouTube-making.

As tonight is my final final (Math), I feel a celebration is in order, with all of the prescribed meds needed to avoid any more relapses of senioritis. Wish me luck!


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