Monday, January 17, 2011

New Bowling Balls for the Bro and I

So today the 3 men of the house swung by Clem's and purchased 2 bowling balls, and as my father said, he bought his first when he was 18, for ~$69 or $89. My bro and I each bought one ball, with him going with the Brunswick Avalanche Solid while I went w/ the Brunswick Avalanche Black/Electric Green Pearl. 

Knowing we bowl mostly after league finishes on Wednesday nights when the lanes are fairly dry, we went w/ the medium hook and oil pattern balls. Each cost us $120 + tax and drilling. 

While online the prices are considerably lower, we paid the retail price for Clem's expertise, knowledge, etc. 'Twas a new experience for the bro and I, as we had never bought a brand-spankin'-new ball before [(as our balls were always either given to us or bought second hand (thru Craigslist)].

As a result, mi padre gets my reactive ball (which we didn't know was reactive at the time) but was a bit too heavy for me at 14 3/4 lbs. My dad had been throwing his ancient rubber ball that weighs 16lbs.+, and my brother had been throwing the green plastic ball from uncle J. at 16 1/4 lbs.! My new ball is ~14 lbs. and the bro's at 15lbs. Should be quite interesting the first time throwing it out there to see the weight/speed/breaking differences in our new weapons!

We anxiously await our new acquisitions! Pictures coming for suresies!
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