Wednesday, January 26, 2011

School: beginning of the end / Baritone-ness

Today was the 2nd day of my 2nd-to-last semester of college. Was quite a day. Began chorale, which is shaping to be a great add...I get to learn how to sing, meet new peeps, and figure out how to perform in a to jam w/ some cool kids (Lucas) and several others whose names escape'd been quite some time since I'd played w/ some competent musicians...I haven't felt that feeling of being "in the zone" as some call it for some time...

Also did a voice check (if you will) of sorts and found out I'm a baritone (which I assume is near the middle btw the tenors and basses). I'm assigned as a bass but have the option (fr/ the instructor) to move to either the baritone or the tenor, as I have the range (close enough) to where the tenors live.
: ]~KL
Should be a fun semester!

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