Friday, February 11, 2011

Corel: Videos on Videos Ability

So I got some sweet software from my uncle (thanks Uncle J.!). It's by Corel (which I'd never heard of) and it's the Photo & Video Ultimate Bundle. Here's the link:
Anyways, the photo editing software is pretty legit, with a fairly easy-to-use interface similar to that of Adobe Photoshop Elements which I have also.
But the video editing software was wayyy less intuitive than need be, and I really had to try to figure the software out...anyways I finally did and there are some pretty nifty things you can do with this software! One of the main things that I was hoping for was the ability to place multiple videos onto one video. As a musician, I've always wanted to show a video where I'm playing all the parts (and maybe even singing) on different instruments and I've finally found one (that's free)! It's probably not as good as a Photoshop Premiere, After Effects, etc., but it's good enough, and it's going to be fun with this new program!
: ]~KL

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