Tuesday, February 15, 2011


So I've been going to back to my junior college for some volleyball action w/ the bro, and it's been real! I've been playing for less than 6 months, and it's a really fun sport/experience. I've been learning a lot since playing over in the rec center:
Learning how to set is one that I'm still working on, but I got an awesome backward set to a left hander perfectly. 'Twas legitttt...
Still learning the 6-2 rotation. Got some good pointers on where to go/what to do when in certain positions.
For example if you're in right front and the ball is on your side, you line up farther back to get ready to hit, but the second the ball goes over to their side, you have to go up front to block.
Also, I got a great up off of a spike which was a direct result of Rod's instruction, and interestingly enough, Rod's the one who hit it! So basically he said when blockers go up to block, set yourself (if you're in the back row) up to where you're ready to hit the ball in between the blockers should the ball come to you through that window thru the blockers. That's exactly what happened. Rod hit it right through the blockers and I got a great up through his tip.
Thanks to all for making my (learning) experience a great one!
: ]~KL
Thanks for the Goldfish, K.!
; ]

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