Monday, February 13, 2012

Will we make it?

Look at all the people
Broken inside
Where are you to turn
Where can you hide

Can we make it?
Will we make it?
Survive and live

Symbiosis between two
A man and God

Look in the closet
Tails it is
Honestly, I'm not that strong.

Second glances, second chances
Don't jump on thin ice
Don't let go

We're all flesh and bone
With souls, needy and torn

If love is a fire then we've all been burned
Yet some choose to continue
Rather than seek refining fire

Just get away from it all.
Life's much more than a blip on the screen.
A wisp of steam.
A dreamer's dream.

I'm dreaming of a dream.
Sleep walking on a pool of thin ice, of fast sand.
Will we make it? We can, it's true, but will we?

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