Sunday, February 5, 2012

Quick Update: 2.5.2012

The NY Giants won the Super Bowl today.

I've been in Kindergarten for a month now (4 weeks) and have learned a lot. I've learned that I've got a LOT to learn about teaching. Timing, time-management, pacing, discipline, class management, etc.
The last one mentioned has been the hardest, as I'm often unable to keep 100% of the students' attention for 100% of the time, which is what you're aiming for (however unrealistic it may seem). I've been evaluated formally once thus far, and that was one of the things that I didn't do too well. "It's your job to keep the students engaged!" - (Thanks Marilyn!)

In other news, I started another violin student (Alex), and made a (I think) good impression. He's got a lot of bad habits to break, but I think he's got a lot of potential, and looks (from the first lesson) like a quick learner. He's got a pretty good ear, and just needs to clean up bad habits and practice correctly. Susan once said, "I'm teaching you how to practice," and that's one quote I've used many times, and I think it applies heavily in the realm of music. The teacher is not going to be there for the other 6 days of practicing, and thus the student needs to form good, wholesome practicing techniques (supplied by the teacher) to progress. The teacher (in my opinion of this type of personalized music instruction) is there to correct bad habits and ensure correct practicing techniques are being applied. ($32/hour...I should probably increase my rates... : / )

I'm doing a lot more reading in the credential program than I ever did in college. The classes are pretty intense.

I'm feeling a little sick today (probably due to my recent exposure to the newest forms of bacteria and germs emanating from 28 kindergarten students). I'm going to bed.


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