Monday, January 9, 2012

KinderFirst Day

Finished the first day as a student teacher as a "teacher candidate" in the Kindergarten classroom.
Was so cool. So simple. Life was simple back then.
The first 15 minutes begins with leisure time for the students, such as reading, drawing, etc.
The next three hours included simple letter identification, reading time, drawing, and coloring.
The hardest part of the day (that I noticed) was simply keeping the students in line. As some have said before, Kindergarten includes much "keeping in line," as disciplining is not really an option.
First impressions were good. I had a fun time doing my music lesson, and felt pretty comfortable, albeit the occasional "_____, I'm talking. What are we doing right now? We're listening."
There was a lot of coloring, drawing, learning about the year, day, how many days they'd been in school, etc.
I love the simplicity, the innocence, the scheduling, simple lesson plans, etc.
We'll see how my reflections are at the end of the semester...
: ]

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