Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fishing 2011 + Undergraduate Degree = 3.798 GPA

So just got the grades back for the final semester of my undergraduate career, and got all A's!
Three A+'s, three A's, and one A-!
This news came much to the amusement of dad, because he knew that I went fishing the MOST times in the last (Fall) semester than in any other semester of my undergrad career.

And now, and look at the fish caught in 2011!

Lake Chabot: 4.22.2011

O'Neill Forebay: 6.6.2011

Delta Mendota: 6-11-2011

Random Ditch: 7.5.2011 

San Luis Reservoir: 7.9.2011

Coast Guard Pier: 10.13.2011

Coast Guard Pier: 10.15.2011

Coast Guard Pier: 10.15.2011

Los Padres Reservoir: 10.23.2011

Coast Guard Pier: 10.27.2011

Los Padres Reservoir: 10.29.2011

 Los Padres Reservoir: 10.29.2011

 Los Padres Reservoir: 11.6.2011

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