Monday, March 5, 2012

Moco Coco (the Serve and Protect kind)

So I'm driving down Lasila on the South side and I'm halfway through the red. To my left I see it turn green as I'm in the middle of the intersection. I look in my rear view and what do I see?
Yep, copper en una Moco Coco.
I'm like, "I'm dead."
So he's like, "So what happened at the light back there?"
And I'm like, "Well, it turned yellow before I was ready to brake..."
*He asks for license and registration.*
& I'm like, "Y'know, I'm in training to be an elementary school teacher. Here's my placard, and since I just graduated with my BA, this car's a graduation present, so I'm not sure where my registration is. We're gonna register it in a couple weeks. It used to be my uncle's."
And he's like, "So your uncle knows you have it? You didn't steal it or nothin' like that?"
I lol.
"You know it's $500 for running a red?
"Yeah, I know, and I'm sorry."
"When did you graduate?"
"Last Fall."
"Ok then. Here's your graduation present." *Hands back my license & registration*
"Thank you! What's your name, sir?"
"Officer R."
"Thank you sir!"
Sweeeeeeeet. But really, saving maybe 30 seconds isn't worth a $500 fine.
Leave early and don't be in a rush. If you're late, you're late. Being late (usually) won't cost you $500.

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