Thursday, March 1, 2012

"New Wheels"

So the dad surprised me with the KIA today. I'm driving home from School (O.F.L.E.) and he calls up and says he needs a ride to Uncle T's. He says (on the way) that Uncle T. needs help with some stuff, and that we should go raid the pantry. As I'm walking to the door, he calls me back and tells me to close my eyes, and voilĂ , there are the keys to the car! It's got AWD (if needed), a nice stereo (with iPOD plugin mind you), power window/doors, faux wool seats, and a roof rack. I'd wanted a SUV for practical fishing purposes (like parking off 152)  or driving in the snow (if needed). It's also got some zip, a nice heater, and runs well.

Not a bad graduation present at all!


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