Thursday, August 16, 2012

RICA: the end of the Beginning: 3:

So I took the RICA, last night. It's currently 2:28 a.m.

It was hard. 4 hours of straight up staring at a computer screen and frying my brain.
But it was fun.
It showed me how much I know, and how much I need to learn.
(Those RICA test booklets are like a map. It's a straight-up reading troubleshooting guide, with tips included!)

I told the lady at the front desk I hope I never see her again; in a good way.
If I never see her again it means I passed. We'll see.

I meet my co-teacher tomorrow. We're doing this 3rd grade thing together.
Her mother just passed away this last Sunday.
2012 has been crayzee. Full of death, change, renewal...
I just hope I don't say the wrong's gonna be an interesting semester.

By the end I should be out in the real world, a world I've actually never stepped into.
I've never had a straight up job.

|| I've never been that guy. . .

I just watched a video about things kids my age (and really everyone) struggle with.
Who am I? Am I worth something? Will I ever find that someone? Do people even notice me?
What is true worth? True love?
How can you stay true to yourself?

Life could be great. I could be great.
There's a Purina commercial with Tony Rogers' song "Great."
I took the chorus as one for the 2 legged peeps.

I could be great. Life could be great. Do things that make you feel alive.
Don't do the same 'ol same 'ol.

Clich├ęs can be abused, but many ring true. 

Don't look back and say what could have been. Do it now. In the moment.

Yeah, this stuff's all cheezeeey, and when I read this stuff on Facebook I keep scrolling.

But right now it makes sense. Think about it. If you're living it, then great.
If you're not, think about why you aren't.

Think about change. Can you change yourself? Have you tried? It usually doesn't work.
We all need help. No one gets anywhere alone.

I want to make sure I'm right. I'm right. All you have to do is walk on this side of the fence.

What if: the sand is softer on the other side?

Or what if: this stuff makes us stronger?

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