Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sickness, Airshow, Birthday, Red Egg/Ginger, G-Men, Hired, etc.........

It's been quite a busy day/week/month!

I got sick (had a 103-degree fever) and got wiped out for a week.

Got interviewed to be a substitute teacher and just signed the paperwork yesterday! I can now sub in any elem. school in my local school district! WOOHOO!

Also, ~10 minutes ago, the SF Giants clinched the NL WEST!
Repeat of 2010 coming up next!

Just got back fr/ my cousin's red egg/ginger party for their new daughter, and had some gooooooood fooooood! Also, found out their other daughter (my second cousin, ~4-5 years old) watches my YouTube videos! Freakin' AWESOME!!! I've gotta give her (and them) a shoutout in my next video!

Also, the California International Airshow is happening, and I saw probably THE best show by the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds that I've ever seen. Their timing (especially in sync with the music) was AMAZING! There were really no lulls in the action, and everything was on point. 'Twas a great show! Tucker was amazing as usual, and The Patriots were great as well!

Jr.'s bday is officially today, so I hope he'll have many hours of fun playing TORCHLIGHT 2 (which just came out on the 20th, 2 days ago!)!

Life is pretty good right now. I've gotta take care of myself.
Your health is YOUR life. You're the one in charge. Take care of your body.
It's the only one you've got. Make good decisions. Do it right!

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