Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hand Slaps, Flight Deck, and SHS ownage.

So yesterday (the 24th) woke up at 0530 and went to Music in the Parks w/ SHS. Went to the school and ended up tuning ~20 cellos, violins, and violas - on concrete. Thankfully no wood was split or scratched and we warmed up and played for the judges. Viva la Vida, Beethoven Inc., and A Birch Bay Celebration were the setlist. I felt like the violins were rushing Birch Bay and the violas, cellos and basses were trying to stay w/ Mrs. May, but hey, we had a good performance.

Then it was off to Great America. Basically rode 5-6 rides the whole day b/c David B. Felt like playing the odds. It was pretty entertaining. Davis and I were trying to scientifically and logically figure out if playing the "bounce the ball off of an angled easel into a very small basket" was physically possible and if so, what the odds were of actually doing it. Needless to say David didn't win the (ginormous) prize (or anything else for that matter) but I'm sure he and everyone in our group had a good time.

While waiting in line for "Invertigo" I left Minnie hanging on a hand slap...and then did it after she said, "FINE!" (said with mock frustration). And every time we hand slapped it was "OUCH!" (you probably had to be there to understand the humor)

Anyway, Flight Deck (formerly the Top Gun rollercoaster)was the best ride that was working (Drop Zone was not). We go to the award ceremony and SHS wins first in Mixed Choir, Female Choir, and String Orchestra, and tied for second in the concert band.

All in all it was a pretty great day of competition and fun...hope we go again next year!

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