Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dolce Bails

Yesterday my dad (who as you well know is a notary) commands me to drop off a package (which contains legal documents) to the UPS center. I decide to take Dolce and Katie along, and hop into the Corolla.

The drop off location is in a fairly remote area, and after dropping off the package, I hear Dolce whining in the backseat, and since I figure she wants the window rolled down a bit lower, I roll it all the way down. As I'm driving, I look back and see her little paws resting on the top of the window and think, "She's not going anywhere."

The next thing I hear are claws scratching the window and her little collar tags jingle, and then silence. I look in the back seat and there's no little black dog! I look in the side mirror and see a little black dog (RAT) with a pink sweater (that Mom made for her) lying in the street!

So I slam on the brakes, put the emergency flashers on, and go and get her. She lies in the street, with a bewildered/stunned look on her face, and starts to walk toward me. She kept licking her nose/mouth, which leads me to assume that she face planted! But yeah, that dog has no street/car sense, and I think she just needs a little more time in the car.

As it turns out, there were some workers on the top of a nearby building, and one of the guys saw the whole thing!

...and as I recall, I was doing oh, about 15-20 MPH!


  1. Haha that's hilarious. She was trying to find her way of escape.



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