Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 10: First YT Collab-B.E Music (

It's been an interesting (and groundbreaking, even,) experience working with other YouTubers (Break Even Music) from across the States, roughly 2,300 miles away from my hometown. It's been 10 days and I've learned much from the experience thus far. Exempli Gratia: collaborating is a fairly long process when working with music, parts, harmony, software, etc. It is definitely more time consuming for the fact that when making your own videos you have your own time schedule where you know when you can schedule recording/editing sessions, but the other YTer(s) have his/her own schedule as well.

Overall I believe that this will be a rewarding experience. Our first take of the video sounded great. They harmonized well with what I had put out there as the first version, and then we communicated through various channels until we were able to get a sense of how we wanted the song to go.

Check out their channel:

I'll be recording new vocals hopefully later today, sending it through YT to them, and then they'll be making their video based on my vocals.
Then I just have to record piano, bass guitar, and strings, and we'll have our first YT collab evarrr!

: ]~Kenneth

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