Tuesday, August 30, 2011

School: Fall 2011

So my last semester of school for my BA has started and it looks to be a memorable one: 3 singing/vocal classes, capstone (the final project for liberal studies majors at my school), a kinesiology for kids class, and an online music class.
The most interesting class thus far has been the vocal training class. We're learning how to control our inhalation, exhalation, breath control, diaphragm control, and all that good stuff. Gospel choir and the advanced vocal ensemble are equally if not more so enjoyable as it's basically just singing and learning new music.
KIN should be a breeze and the online music class shouldn't be too bad (I think I've found a loophole... : ]).
Getting the capstone topic wasn't as bad as I thought thanks to the help from the instructor (Do Je Ye So) as I think I've got a legit topic and have the right connections...we'll see if it happens.
: ]

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