Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Volleyball: Progress?

So I checked out YouTube and got my feet going in the right order: four step approach should be right left right left, with each step getting wider apart, except for the last step. For the three step, eliminate the first step with the right foot.
On the last right left step, you bring your hands back into "crane style" position and explode upwards with both hands pointed skyward.
As you're bringing both up, the swinging hand (or right in this case) pulls back from the wrist, creating a 90 degree angle with the arm. The fingers of the hand should be as spread out as possible to create the most influence on the ball.
Tonight I got some much better swings in, but still need to remember to swing hard every time (provided you've got the set to do it).

PS It pays to be next to a good setter, improving your game a lot faster than not. Joe had some sweet sets tonight (as well as the bro).
Still working on getting the crane back though...

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